A colorful project that I had been worked in 2013 for Coca-Cola Southeast Asia. For part of this project, I was required to come up with a Matryoshka’s gift set that represented for 11 countries in SEA with special patterns, accessories, and clothing.
I really enjoy dolls, especially countries and their culture, and I spend my time looking in patterns and fabrics of these countries. I divided into two types: a portrait (with portraits of citizens in traditional female costume), decorative (classic matryoshka in special patterns clothing). I sketched them and made with Illustrator. In reality, it’s difficult to simplify many details to those dolls. After all, the approval design…. what a lovely little pop of color they are! 
Working with Illustrator 
Finally, they're small enough to fit in the palm of your hand
Ms. THAILAND in traditional costumes Chiang Mai
It's very difficult to find out traditional costume of Singapore, so I choose Singapore Airline outfit and drawn the pattern in their fabric.
Ms. PHILLIPINES in Butterfly Sleeves Blouse and Skirt.
Ms. MYANMAR in traditional dress
I find that the Malays have a wide variety of costumes apart from the generic baju kurung and baju Melayu outfits.
Now, Ms. MALAYSIA in Kelantan Traditional Clothes
The sinh (Lao: ສິ້ນ Lao pronunciation: [sȉn] is a traditional garment worn by Lao and Thai women. It is a tube skirt which can identify the woman who wears it in a variety of ways. In present day Thailand, sinhs are typically worn in special events. However, in Laos sinhs are worn more regularly in daily life.
Ms. LAOS in Traditional Dress
Ms. INDONESIA in Traditional Dress
Khmer people traditionally wear a checkered scarf called a Krama. Women also ties a hair into a chignon with a beautiful flower or jasmine, also rose into chignon, described about womanly.
Women wear the baju kurung - The traditional costume of Brunei and the costume will typically be accompanied by a headscarf.
And then... Ms. BRUNEI