Every year Coca Cola Vietnam designs the new packaging to celebrate the New Year, the time for sharing good fortune, happiness and new years wishes with family and friends.
This is packaging that launched in Tet Holidays in Vietnam. The Tet 2014 campaign included this packaging, print ads, billboards, banners and others POSM in booth sellers and supermarkets. The original design belongs to RICE Creative agency. Hundreds of hand-drawn swallows were crafted and carefully arranged around a custom script, which together form a series of meaningful Vietnamese wishes. 
In the final design, clients keep the front side but they wanted to change the side of this packaging because they expected that it need more iconic for Tet. I involved to this project and suggested the side design could be changed to celebrate with more fireworks. And all of the boxes could be grouped together.
6 Packs
Twin pack
Eating Banner, which will use in restaurants
Eating Poster, which will use in restaurants
Print advertising in Magazines
Booth sellers in supermarket
Booth sellers and standee in supermarket