Showing evidence that human can cause ocean pollution, as well as habitat destruction of marine species and coral. This advertisement appeals awareness and consciousness to build a lifestyle of nature harmony, especially ocean. 
A myriad of human pressures are being exerted both directly and indirectly on ocean ecosystems the world over. There are also so many kinds of industry that discard their waste and rubbish to the ocean. Consequently, ecosystems are collapsing as marine species are driven towards extinction and ocean habitats are being destroyed. We base on this and created an image of clownfish in the seabed. It must wear a mask here because of garbage and sea pollution. 
How I draw the clownfish
..And final artwork
What goes around comes around 
The poster aims to raise awareness of protecting water resource and inspire action for audiences. Persuade people not to take their waste to the rivers.
We recognized that problems with waste disposal continue to contaminate rapidly the rivers. Rivers have been overwhelmed by the 237 tons of waste generated daily by the residents and factories. Most people dump in rivers and roadsides. Finally there will be a place where they can dump their waste. We create a man who wants to go fishing in the river but he realizes polluted rivers have no fish and rubbish is everywhere. Is it an evidence of causation? 
The advertisement aims to raise public awareness about an abrupt climate change and huge impact on our lives and nature. Urge them to protect environment that reduce global warming.
As television commercials and constant news coverage on global warming: sea levels are rising; glaciers are melting faster with terrible speed. Animals around the world are in real danger due to their habitat is changing too rapidly for them to keep up. Based on global warming issues data of the mass of ice melted during a given time period, we create three different frames like visual chart with a little surprising result of the last frame to aware audiences. 
“Why can't i have a family?”
This social welfare advertisement aims to contribute and provide support for children with special needs, orphaned, abandoned and homeless children with a temporary or permanent home in Viet Nam. Hopefully, after seeing this advertisement, they will ponder for a while to think about this. They will care more those children to achieve best results for them.
Vietnam is one of the countries which have the high abandoned children rate. In 2010, there are over 350 abandoned children. These children felt very lonely themselves because they did not have a real family. We think about a lonely child wants to follow their dream. She/he draws a picture of happy family but she/he cannot draw the faces because she/he did not have parents. The faces are blank. She/he needs a help to complete this picture because every child always wants to live in a secure, permanent, and loving family. 
Mother and baby
To build GreenCross’s brand recognition.
Create the feeling of 'want to use hand sanitizer' in order to encourage them to use GreenCross in daily activities to protect themselves and others.
There is countless things people touch everyday that are covered in germs, everywhere they go. Most people realize that they can't see germs and bacteria because they are too small for the unaided eye, although they acknowledge that their hands are clean. We use a clean mother’s hand with germs and bacteria in the shadow to illustrate ‘hidden threats’ to encourage them to use this product.